Lefkas Distillery & Winery – St. Anna Estate

The Church of St. Anna was erected on the estate (location Kalligoni) in 1742 by the Venetian family of Dr. Angelli Callichio. The stone predates the Christian era (circa 31 BC), and was handpicked and brought from the ancient site of Nicopolis Preveza and the ancient area of Nirikos Lefkada , by boat, horse and cart.

Today, the Distillery & Winery of the Ktenas family estate is nestled next to the church. The architectural design of the distillery respectfully resonates the church presence. In modern Greek history, the location/ church is significant as having been a meeting place prior to the Greek revolution in 1821.

Furthermore, the first Greek owners of the estate (Stavrou Family), where directly related to the renowned Greek poet Aristotelis Valaoritis (b. 1824-1879, Lefkada). The celebratory dates of remembrance for St. Anna annually are July 25th and December 9th

Our premises consist of a discontinuous copper pot still, in which Tsipouro Homeric is distilled, drop by drop, producing a boutique handcrafted grape distillate.

This generation of distillers are building upon a time honored family tradition, matched with state of the art equipment, producing unique distillates.

The Ktenas Family are the first to legally bottle and age tsipouro on the Island of Lefkada.